Laboratory equipment calibration can be complicated. However, CCI Australia makes it simple with the highly trained technical staff and cutting edge standard instruments. Whether your meter is being used in critical or routine tasks, we can calibrate any make and model to ensure it performs accurately and complies with internal and external regulations, supported by traceable PH certification. For more information on the calibration of pH meters, please enquire here online via our contact page or call us directly.

Types Of PH Meter Calibration & Trade Waste pH Services

There are many different types of PH calibration solution, but only three common types of calibration: single-point, two-point and multi-point pH meter calibration. There are many situations and companies that require strict adherence to trade waste laws. At CCI we can assist with all water authority requirements as well as controlling chemical dosing to achieve required tolerances with industrial discharge pH levels as well as temperature.

The most common type of pH meter calibration is the two-point calibration. It's best suited when a range of pH samples are obtained. In this calibration process, the pH meter determines the slope and offset error for the pH electrode in use. This information allows the meter to adjust the mV/pH equation of the pH meter to match the electrode characteristics.

If you're bracketing a wider range of the pH scale, a multi-point calibration covering this range will provide the most accurate and repeatable results. This is where three or more calibration points are made, giving the pH meter a more accurate mV/pH equation over the range to be covered.

How Often To Calibrate A PH Meter

The necessary frequency of pH meter calibration depends on usage and possible contamination. The higher the usage and contamination, the more often you'll need to calibrate. Ensuring a pH meter calibration twice a month will assist in avoiding measuring errors. It's also advisable to conduct pH meter calibration in the following situations:
  • When an electrode hasn't been used for a long time
  • When a new electrode is used
  • After the electrode has been cleaned
  • After measuring a strong solution
  • When a highly accurate measurement is crucial.

PH Certification by CCI Australia

We understand that instrumentation is a vital part of any control system. Regardless of whether instruments are used in safety systems or in the control loop, correctly installed and functioning instrumentation is integral in any industrial plant. Our highly trained technicians possess the experience necessary to deliver the best electrical and instrumentation solutions available. Our broad expertise in calibrations includes instruments for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. If you'd like to know more about how we can assist your business with our PH calibration and PH certification services, or receive advice on selecting a PH calibration solution, please get in touch with our team.

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