According to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment…..

Dairy is one of Australia’s most important rural industries, producing about 9.3 billion litres of milk in 2017-18 and directly employing approximately 42,600 people. Australia exports approximately 36 per cent of its milk production, with exports valued at $3.4 billion in 2017-18. A large proportion of exports are in the form of value-added products such as cheese, butter, ultra-heat treated milk and milk powders.

At CCI, we believe Australian dairy products have a reputation second to none. Throughout the world, Australia is renowned for delivering outstanding quality. As a nation we are committed to our reputation, fostering continual growth and contribution to the Australian economy.

Since its inception, CCI was heavily involved in the laws that govern and guide the dairy industry. When with APV/Foxboro, the Director was asked to assist with the Australian Standards for Pasteurisation, in regards to the instrumentation section. He was delighted to assist and investigate World Standards at the time, developing standards unique to Australia, opening the channels for Australian dairy exports.

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